Who Asked You? Dealing With Unwanted Pregnancy Advice – Part 2

unwanted adviceI’m baaaaccckkkk.  In this post I’ll do Part 2 of  Dealing With Unwanted Pregnancy Advice.  Here’s the Part 1 post  https://www.maternityleavecoach.com/?p=165

It’s getting a little spicier in this post and we’ll walk through more assertive methods.

  1.   Get smart.  Do your research and you’ll find confidence that you are making the best choices.  You’ll be able to educate the other person along the way.  Of course,  YOU won’t be condescending  or rude when you educate others, right?
  2. Drag your doctor into it by sharing what advice they’ve already given to you.   Unless your Expert Mom also has a license to practice medicine, it should stop them in their tracks.  If you don’t know what your doctor would say, Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil would probably agree with your position so just use them as your physician reference.
  3. Find some stuff that you agree on and then ask their advice.  That will keep them off the scent of the areas where you have opposing views.
  4. Practice your script for busy bodies.  “Shut Up!” or “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?” (man, I’m old!) probably won’t do you many favors but a gracious and firm “This might not be how you’d do it, but I think this way is best for me” should work.
  5. Actively seek out like minded moms and dads.  This will help you validate your choices and it will serve as a support network.  I still recommend that you seek out opposing views from time to time so you know if you’re getting a little cult-like in your ways.
  6. As a last resort (not really) just be honest.  Especially with a close family member who isn’t going away anytime soon, sometimes it’s just best to get it out there.  This usually sounds like, “I know you think you’re helping when you give me advice, but I’m good with my own approach.  I wouldn’t want to hurt our relationship because I don’t agree with your advice.  I’d appreciate if you’d understand where I’m coming from.”

I would LOVE to hear about your unsolicited advice stories so be sure to comment.

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