When Work and Family Collide – Missing the Big School Event

I really love Fast Company magazine and I was perusing their site the other day and stumbled upon this oldie but goodie.  Funny to think that 2007 is an oldie but in our world it’s so five years ago! But the concept of the article was timeless.  Here’s the scenario:  Cali Williams Yost, the author and well known expert on worklife issues, had been invited to a national gathering of flexibility experts.  Sounds awesome right?  Just the group to affect change in the world!

Ironically, it was also the same evening as “Back to School” night.  Ouch!  I’ll leave the suspense of the article to the end of this post and drive you crazy in the meantime.   What would you do?  What have you done in similar situations?

I must admit that to date I haven’t been in the situation to have to decide between something really juicy for work and something really important (or guilt giving) at home.  I’ve traveled for work, skipped lunches with parents and other school day activities but I’ve never had to miss a big event at school in order to do something for work.

You can test me on this when the situation actually comes up but from where I stand today, if it was Back to School night (of which I will hopefully have at least 11 others in my time as a parent to attend), I’d probably choose the really cool work opportunity.  My husband would be just fine at the event and would represent our family well.  But, if it was the Talent Show or there was a speaking part in the play or my son was winning an award, I’d probably have to be there to see it.

Read Cali’s 2007 Fast Company post here Work/Life: “Good” Mothers Don’t Miss Back-to-School Night | Fast Company.

Question for us all.  Do you think dads would struggle as much as us moms with this dilemma?  I think for me there’s a mom ego thing at play – “good” moms go to all the school stuff.  Comment and let us know what you think.

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