What Did Your Boss Really Say? True Stories of Telling Them You’re Pregnant

Tell Boss You're PregnantAs I hear from working women about their trials and tribulations of pregnancy and maternity leave, one of the hot topics is always “when/how to tell your boss you’re pregnant”.  There is so much fear and concern about how the manager will respond.

I have a theory that most of the fear about telling the boss comes from myths and legends, but I could be wrong (I hope I am).  I actually think that in most cases the manager is willing to work with you as best they know how.  That’s the deal, most don’t know how so the whole thing gets awkward and clunky.

So, here’s where you come in… I need your stories.  What REALLY happened when you told your boss you were pregnant?  Comment here with your story and please share this with the other working women you know who would have a story to share.

Thanks!  Let’s get those comments rolling in.

6 thoughts on “What Did Your Boss Really Say? True Stories of Telling Them You’re Pregnant

  1. I told my boss pretty early into my pregancy, before I even told extended family & friends because I had a lot of doc appointments and I knew I couldn’t keep taking time off. He offered congrats, asked if I wanted him to tell people or if I would, and told me I could work from home as needed, and that was that. He’s joked that no one else can get pregnant because I was the third one last year, but he’s just being silly. HIS boss was telling me how wonderful having more than one child is! 🙂 So, even though I work in a place that doesn’t seem very family-friendly on the surface, it really is.

    • So glad it worked out well for you. It’s amazing what a baby can do. Most people just can’t help but be happy when they hear the new. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I am one of only 4 providers in a small private practice healthcare office. So, any extended time off greatly affects the company. I struggled to get pregnant and had to meet several doctors on several different occasions before even becoming pregnant. So, my boss knew what was going on from day one. She knew more than most of my family and friends. And therefore, she knew I was pregnant pretty much as soon as I did. She was more supportive than I could have ever hoped for, during pregnancy and then she was my biggest supporter for nursing my baby girl and pumping at work. Today, shes the one constantly asking when #2 is coming, because she cares, knowing it is my dream!

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