The Letter of the Law

My hope is that for every pregnant woman out in the workplace there are caring, supportive managers and co-workers who are going to help make their transition to motherhood a beautiful one.  I’m an optimist and I generally think that most people have the best intentions and don’t plan on alienating others.   That said, I would recommend that expectant mothers keep in mind that sometimes other employees feel awkward that they are “with child” and some of the offensive behavior you experience may really be general weirdness and not true harassment.

So, if you’ve given grace to your boss and co-workers, checked your interpretation of the offense with a non-biased third party and took a little time out to analyze the situation but still see that you have been discriminated against, it’s good to know the law.

I thought this was a helpful article from Wired Momma to let you know what you should expect from a legal standpoint.

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