First Day Back to Work – Tips to Reduce How Much It Will Suck – Part 2

I’m sure you were on pins and needles thinking “When is she going to post Part 2?”  Wait for it…. Ok, now.

Let’s pick up where we left off in Part 1.  Read it here

Thank heavens for smart phones.   I’d recommend that you consolidate your work and home calendars if possible.   Seeing it all on your phone just makes things that much easier.  My husband and I even share one family calendar that we can both see and update through our family Yahoo! e-mail.  Merge your contacts too.  Merging contacts and calendars on your smart phone may be a little tricky if it’s paid for by your company and is really their property, not yours so check that out first.

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What to Wear to Work – Pregnancy Can Be in Fashion

Let’s get real.  If you are a normal woman, you don’t have a celebrity stylist dressing you through your pregnancy.  In light of the length of time you will be wearing maternity clothes, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune building your pregnancy wardrobe.  Here are some tips to help you get through the six to nine months you’ll need to re-route your work wear.

In the first three months you will probably be able to sneak around in your regular clothes.  There’s the rubber band around the buttonhole and then wrapped around the button trick.  It can look pretty lumpy under a knit shirt so adjust your tops accordingly.  This will provide that crucial extra inch or two of breathing room.   There are also inserts that you can add into your pants that will give you a little more wiggle room.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants

I couldn’t wait to get maternity clothes.  Soon I was initiated into the sisterhood of the traveling maternity pants when friends offered up their maternity clothes on loan while I was going to be in need.  The first bag arrived and although I was only two months along, I just knew that I was huge so I tried them on immediately.  I was disappointed when everything seemed too loose.   (Keep in mind that I had only gained five pounds of the total of the fifty that were coming!)

So a few weeks passed and my pants were finally getting snug.  I stopped by Target after work and was glad to see in the maternity section some black and khaki pants that would be great for work.  The stretchy panels were even on the side in v shapes so they didn’t look nearly as hideous as those disgusting jean/pants things that I always saw expectant mothers resorting to. (Keep in mind that I eventually broke down and wore some hand-me-down disgusting jean/pants things because that was all that would fit.  Light wash “jean” material with a royal blue knit panel in front.  S.E.X.Y!)

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