Plan the Work and Work the Plan – Maternity Leave Planning

So what’s your plan?  If you answer stops at “have a baby” then you’ve got a little bit of thinkin’ to do!  As mind-consuming and stressful as it is for parents-to-be to consider how in the heck they’re going to care for this precious little one, considerations about work can fall to the wayside.  If you’re currently employed and soon to be taking maternity leave, you should know that as happy as your boss and co-workers may be for you, they’re also concerned about how all the work is going to get done.

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When Your Boss Won’t Flex…Find Someone Who Will

flexible work balanceI’ve heard countless stories of women, who when faced with the prospect of starting a family, became overcome with fear that having a baby would ruin their careers.  Not doubt, you too know of a family member or friend who stalled out at work because they were struggling with the juggle between work and home.  You may even know some employees who, even when knocking it out of the park with work performance, couldn’t move forward in their company because of their manager’s antiquated views of work life balance.

We are so lucky to be in today’s mom/work world.  Although there are great strides yet to be taken in terms of policies, benefits and treatment of women workers, there are new options out there that can give you hope.  One example of a innovative outlet for those seeking more workplace flexibility is Mom Corps.

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