Survey Says… They’d Work Even If They Didn’t Have To

A recent study by Karen Christopher, an associate professor of Women’s/Gender Studies and Sociology at the University of Louisville, showed that the working women who were surveyed would work even if they didn’t have to.

I’d be interested to hear from other working moms to see if they agree with the study’s findings.

Take a look at the summary of the study and weigh in.

3 thoughts on “Survey Says… They’d Work Even If They Didn’t Have To

  1. Right now, I think if I didn’t have to, I’d want to work part time anyway, but not full time. Mostly I just want shorter days so I’m home earlier. My one-hour commute each way is tiring, and as my baby gets older, I know I’m going to want to be home after school with him. I’m actually hoping we can get our finances in order enough that I can seriously look into reducing my hours.

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