Plan the Work and Work the Plan – Maternity Leave Planning

So what’s your plan?  If you answer stops at “have a baby” then you’ve got a little bit of thinkin’ to do!  As mind-consuming and stressful as it is for parents-to-be to consider how in the heck they’re going to care for this precious little one, considerations about work can fall to the wayside.  If you’re currently employed and soon to be taking maternity leave, you should know that as happy as your boss and co-workers may be for you, they’re also concerned about how all the work is going to get done.

Pat Katepoo at knows a lot about making work work.  As a expert in work life balance and flexibility, she’s been helping others find workable alternatives since 1993.  She’s got a great articles on the ins and outs of flexible work arrangements.  Click here to visit WorkOptions.

For example, did you know that

An alternate approach takes advantage of a little-known provision of FMLA that allows you to return to work on a reduced leave schedule.

This phased-back return to work can be presented professionally, positively and as a “package plan” wherein your full-time family leave would be only eight or 10 weeks instead of the allowed twelve, and the remaining leave hours would be used in a reduced workweek fashion. Those weeks of transition period then act as a trial period for a long-term plan of reduced workweek hours.

So, what’s your plan?  Quit?  Return full time?  Hope and pray you can phase-back with reduced hours to start?  Return part time?  Whatever you think you want, be prepared to share about “how” you’ll get the work done and not harp on “why” you want the flexibilty.

I highly recommend that you check out Pat’s website and order up one of her guides to flexible work.  I’m an affiliate for her services so I hope you find just what you’re looking for on her site.  It’s great to have an expert on your side.

Click here to visit WorkOptions.

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