Maternity Leave Book Club – Good Reads Before You Return to Work

If only I were Oprah I could really make a Maternity Leave Book Club happen.  Actually, if I were Oprah I wouldn’t waste time with a book club.  I’d pay people to write books about me and then have William Shatner read them back to me while trained pandas massage my feet.  (Jealousy is a form of flattery right?  I got no beef with Oprah).

Anyway, I have read some good books that take a professional/career development bent and would be light enough to not feel like you’re “working” during your leave.  Since they aren’t totally boring and since you may want to read something other than “What to Expect” for the millionth time (“Did it say his poops should be gray-brown or brown-gray?”)  I offer up these recommendations.  I’ve included links to Amazon since I am affiliate (that means I make tons of money if you buy from Amazon right after visiting my site – not exactly so I’m keeping my day job).

Here’s the short list:

Brag!  The Art of Tooting Your Horn Without Blowing It – great book about selling yourself.  Very practical and easy to read.  I’m currently using it in a Women’s Mentoring Circle and we all love it.

Love It Don’t Leave It and the companion for managers Love ‘Em Don’t Lose ‘Em  are classics.   Lined out with a tip for each letter of the alphabet.  Helps you realize the equity you’ve built as an employee and shares great advice with managers that’s easy to follow.

Analyzing Performance Problems sounds like a snooze fest but it is a wonderful book that helps managers answer the question”Why aren’t they doing what they’re supposed to do?”  It is actually written for trainers but it’s a great for supervisors too.  Each time I read it I’m reminded of what I could do differently to bring out the best in my team.

This last one has absolutely nothing to do with professional development other than the fact that if you don’t laugh about your life, you’ll cry.  Also it has the word “boss” in the title so I think it qualifies.

Bossypants by Tina Fey is really funny.  Buy it now.  She’s also a working mom so you’d be supporting the cause!

What would you add to the list?






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  1. Sounds like a great list! I also find that scrapbooking during maternity leave is extremely fulfilling and helps you remember the little moments that go by so fast. My consultant from Creative Memories is the best! you can even shop online with her at!

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