First Visit to the Lactation Room

First, let me be clear that I have a deep felt gratitude for all those corporate Lactation Rooms out there.   They’re just funny so I’ll share my first experience with one.

I remember that before I left for my maternity leave that I was given the code to the door of our Lactation Room.  I felt like I was in a secret society of fabulous mothers who were perfectly balancing work and life by providing sustenance to their newborns by bringing home the bacon (and the milk).  Nursing was stressful for me and luckily during my time at home with the baby I had mastered the machine and thought I was fully prepped for day one back at work.  Boy was I wrong?!

The room originally seemed so close to my office.  Just a quick elevator ride up and down the hall.  What I hadn’t planned is that I would be stuck in meetings and my regular time to take care of business would be delayed by an hour (or two) and by the time I got all the equipment slung across my back to make the trek, I’d be all sweaty, verklept and wouldn’t remember the code.

Once inside the room I worked to arrange my pump near the comfortable chair.  This involved moving furniture around to get the best path to the electrical outlet.  Finally situated, all attached and pumping I realized, “I sure hope these walls are insulated for sound because it sounds like I’ve got a food processor on extreme pulse in here!”  Waaaahhhh-waaahhhhh-waaahhhhhhh!  Very discreet, I can assure you!

I eventually got over it.  When you need to pump, you need to pump and you’ll do it anywhere (watch for upcoming posts on that!).   After a few weeks I had gotten over the fact that there was crusty white spots on the furniture and the Working Mother magazines were so old they were sporting shoulder pads in their pinstripe suits.  I was glad to have a place to go and I was glad to have an excuse to go there.

Proudly I’d walk out with my little plastic bags full of liquid gold and casually make my way to the lunch room fridge where I’d pray nobody mistook my day’s production as leftover Thai coconut soup in a really weird bag.  At the end of the day, I’d leave proud that not only had I been productive at my job, but I had been productive at my JOB.

Happy pumping to all of you out there.  Stay tuned for more on “Lactation” and post your comments about your experiences.

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  1. No lie. Just yesterday, I got a call at my desk from a woman at work that I didn’t know. She introduced herself and said this was her first day back from maternity leave and that someone had told her I “knew all about lactation”. I was a little uncomfortable not knowing what she was going to ask me. A question about latching on? Recommendations for a pump? Where does LaLeche meet? Believe me, I am no nursing guru.
    Luckily she just asked where she could nurse at work. I gave her some advice and recommendations but I noticed a weird sound in the background. It was so familiar and I’d remember it forever. She was actually nursing while she was talking to me! Multi-tasking gone wrong if you ask me and pretty funny in light of the post I had written just a few days before!

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