Daycare Drama

Luckily for us my back-to-work childcare situation was a breeze.   For the first 8 weeks back, he stayed right across from my office building in an amazing company-run childcare center.  Even though he was just a blob of a 3 month old, he did arts and crafts and had story time.  They were wonderful!

Then, he went on to stay with a mom from church, her son and our friends’ little girl.  It was so cozy and loving.  We had to transition to a new arrangement and from heaven dropped in my sister who was wonderful with our son and I could never thank her enough for the care she gave to him.  So, with childcare we went from great, greater to greatest!  We were living the parenting dream!

It’s inevitable that you wake up from dreams (or you don’t and that’s not a good thing either) and reality kicks in.  Mine was the first day my son was in “daycare”.  I say “daycare” because for parents there are subtle ways we communicate how good of parents we are by the way we describe where they are while we’re at work.   Nannies and sitters mean you fork over the money for them to stay at home.  The higher echelons of parenting send their kids to Montessori or an academy.  There’s mothers’ day out and nursery.  When your kid is a toddler they can go to pre-school.  But, you rarely see a parent standing up and saying with pride “I dropped off my kid at DAYCARE this morning!”  I don’t know what it is but it just feels icky.

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Is Your Baby Registry Work-Appropriate?

Good news!  Even if everyone at work despises you, they will like your baby.  Since that is the case, your co-workers will probably want to throw you a baby shower.  If they’re so happy for you and the life you’re bringing into the world, of course they will be totally respectful of your wishes and desires for baby products.  Yep, not so much!

If you’re like most new moms, you logged in to within minutes of seeing the plus sign on your pregnancy test.  You read all the reviews and from a totally self/baby-centered perspective, clicked the check box for any and everything you’d ever need.  Onesies, blankets, sheets, bottles, nursing supplies, nipple cream… Standard fare right?

Think of it this way, if your IT department would flag “nipple cream” or “butt paste” as a search in Google as inappropriate, you probably shouldn’t let your co-workers know that this is on your list of must haves.  Three reasons come to mind. 

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