It’s Not All About the Money, Right? Moms earn up to 14 percent less than women who don’t have children

Usually my radio is tuned to NPR and I listen to it every day during my commute to and from work.  I really enjoy it and there are some days where I just sit in the parking lot at work while I’m getting all teared up over a Story Corps story.  Contrast that with the fact that the most played song on my iPod is “Peter Piper” by Run DMC and you’ll understand a little more about what makes me tick.

Anywho… I didn’t get to hear this interview live but I ran across it on the web.  The Wage Gap Between Moms, Other Working Women : NPR.  In this interview host Michel Martin discusses the gap between working mothers and other working women with University of New Mexico  economist Kate Krause; Dina Bakst of A Better Balance, a workplace rights organization; and Dawn Porter, founder of Trilogy Films and a mother of two.

Although I rarely jump on the fair pay bandwagon I must admit the concept that working moms earn up to 14 percent less than women without children is  a little annoying.  I try not to gripe about pay because my experience tells me that something’s got to give and in my case I’d pick my family over a bump up salary any day.  But… I guess I’m always still hopeful that a study will come up that proves me wrong.

The interview brings up the topic of commitment and how working moms are potentially viewed as less committed to the job when they are juggling their commitments to family as well.  I’d definitely like to take this topic on in some upcoming blog posts so stay tuned for those.

As far as “fixes” for the pay disparities, the guests recommend some advice to women  considering a family:  realize that the tough times of trying to manage it all are rather short in duration, work your butt off and network before you have kids so you have some leverage, etc.  On the broader scale there is a discussion of the poor state of family friendly workplace policy in the US.

I definitely recommend a listen or read of the interview and let me know what you think.

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