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  1. Hello,

    My company does not offer paid maternity leave for my office. I have heard that you can buy a short term disability policy to help with income while out on leave. I came across your site on and was wondering if you can help me with a suggestion of which insurance companies might offer this type of policy.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    • Congratulations. I have looked online for some additional information for you because my personal experience has been with larger companies who not only are bound by FMLA but also offer short term disability benefits that cover your pay while you are out on disability leave, in this case, maternity leave.

      Since you’re asking the questions I am assuming your current employer doesn’t offer short term or long term disability insurance. You have probably looked into the options to use any vacation or sick time to cover you while you are out. Not sure if your employer is bound by FMLA (over 50 employees) but if they are, the good news is that at least your leave is protected even though it may be without pay.

      Mutual of Omaha seems to come up quite a bit in my searches but I am concerned that even if you do decide to purchase disability insurance there may be a waiting period for the coverage to take effect. If you are covered it seems to be that most coverage maxes out at 60% of pay.

      Not sure if this is your first baby but one thing I know for sure… when that beautiful baby comes something just kicks in for a mom to make it all work out. Like super powers that you never knew you had!

      Wishing you all the best and I am hopeful that you get a breakthrough – either with your company or through another option – that allows you the maternity leave you’re wishing for.

  2. I would like to go part-time after the baby is born (16 hrs/week). If my manager knows this ahead of time, will I be able to get full-time compensation and benefits throughout my maternity leave? I have about 12 weeks of sick time that I believe I will be able to use.

    • Andrea,
      I would recommend that you hold off on the “going part time” conversation with your manager until you’re ready to come back from maternity leave. Maybe 3-4 weeks before your return date you can re-assess whether or not you want to come back at full-time, part-time or even at all! That way you’ll know how you’re managing life with the baby and have a clearer view of what you’d like to do in the future. That will also enable you to keep your benefits during your leave.

  3. So…I haven’t used FMLA for doctor’s appointment thus far and I’m seven months along. I also work in an “at will” state, just FYI. My boss has made me reschedule several of my doctor’s appointments, including a glucose test which confirmed that I have gestational diabetes. While I do have PTO available to me and my work provides flex time, I’m concerned that my manager will not understand my need to go to doctor’s appointments as I start having to go more often, and especially now that I have GD.

    Will FMLA allow me to take doctor’s appointments as my doctor schedules them without me having to work around my team’s work schedule? I just don’t know if I can get even a few hours off a week every week without FMLA due to my manager’s mindset.

    • First off…congratulations! Sending wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy your way. FMLA protects your job while you are taking time off for an illness but it doesn’t necessarily give you the benefit of your company having to accommodate when you want to take your doctor appointments. Most companies and managers do their best to give you the time off as you request it but some may need a little nudge. My first recommendation, if you haven’t yet done so, is to schedule a meeting with your HR representative to go through all the policies and benefits for your company. Have you completed the FMLA paperwork yet? If not you need to request it as soon as possible so your doctor can certify your medical need. You can mention to HR that you are challenged with arranging doctor appointments and they may have some recommendations for you. It may also help to share with your manager that you anticipate that you need to take X number of appointments lasting X amount of time each. Make a schedule of when those would be best for you to be away from work and try to schedule those. If your doctor can’t accommodate your request then let your manager know that. I bet it will all turn out just fine ūüôā

  4. I am a server at a restaurant here in St Paul mn.even tho its full time they offer nothing for a woman having a child,I kinds feel like I’m being punished for bringing life,my job is my only source of income and don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills while I can’t work,do you know of any programs that I may be able to apply for?my first child is dew Nov 8th

    • First off congratulations! Courtney, if the restaurant where you work has more than 50 employees then they are bound by FMLA and the anti-discrimination laws. While that doesn’t guarantee pay it does help with ensuring that your job is protected. I’m not sure if you would qualify but consider that you’ve been paying tax dollars into government programs set up to help families. That said, it is a benefit you’ve helped give to other families so why not see if can benefit you as well? Check out this link and get in touch with the Department of Human Services to see if they can help. There are also non-profit agencies and church programs that may be able to provide some assistance. Also check out Child Care Aware for information on their programs. Hope these ideas help. I’m sending well wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby in November.

  5. Hi, I work for a large company, but in a very small office. One of our co-workers who is due August 30th, just announced she is quitting at the end of June. We had originally thought we would throw her a shower late in July and invite other’s from the larger company. But recently we found out that her family is throwing her a shower and has invited several work people and most of our office, but has left out 2 of us. Our office had planned on pooling our money to buy her one large gift, but now anyone going to the shower has opted out of the office gift, leaving just 2 of us. We are not rethinking how to do this and maybe just throw her a going away party. Sort of “Good-bye work, Hello Motherhood”, but the whole thing seems really awkward now. Any ideas??

  6. My husband and I are adopting. We don’t have an estimated due date yet, and about 25% of our agency’s placements are last minute, meaning I could be at work and get “the call” and be gone for 6 weeks. Luckily my supervisor is incredibly supportive, but I need to draft up a maternity leave plan that can be implemented at a moment’s notice. I don’t even know where to start! Your post on adoptive parents being guaranteed FMLA time was great, but the issue isn’t my employer not granting me time: it’s not knowing how much time I can afford to take (it will be unpaid after I max out my PTO), how to plan for dropping everything at a moment’s notice, how to ease back into work, perhaps on a part-time basis for a few weeks, etc. Any helpful resources would be appreciated! I’ve almost got too much freedom to design a plan and don’t have any structure to work from.

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