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Negotiate for a Better Maternity Leave

It’s no secret that maternity leave benefits in the US are lacking.  You know it’s bad when our own President fronts us out.  To quote him directly, “the United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave.”  But, we can’t let that get us down

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Maternity Leave Laws in the US

It is important for expectant mothers to review federal and state laws related to maternity leave as well as work/life benefits offered by their employer.  Read on to learn more about the laws that protect pregnant women in the workplace. Federal and State Laws The first step in planning your maternity

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Oh La La – French Parenting and Sleep Sense

Even before that beautiful baby arrives you may find yourself not sleeping as well as you had before.  Maybe it’s a cruel trick to prepare you for the months, and for some, years to come!   I recommend that you get informed now and prepare yourself for how you will

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Job Searching While Pregnant

I had a question come in a few weeks ago and it prompts a good discussion about whether or not you should apply for new roles when you are pregnant. “Will they offer me the job if they know I am pregnant?” was the question posed. I offered up the

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